What Ingredients Are on the Exipure Ingredients Label?

Exipure Ingredients Label

The Exipure Ingredients Label contains a number of different substances that can help you lose weight. Some of the ingredients found in this product include perilla, also known as beefsteak plant. This plant has shown results in lowering cholesterol and helping to form brown fat in the body. Other ingredients in this product include Holy Basil, a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries to relieve stress, inflammation, and cleanse the body of waste materials.

Amur cork bark

Amur cork bark, scientific name Phellodendron amurense, is an ingredient in Exipure that is highly beneficial to the body. It can help with digestive problems, such as bloating and edema, and it supports healthy liver and heart function. It also helps regulate cortisol levels in the body.

Kudzu root extract

Kudzu root is an ingredient you may have seen on some health supplement labels. It may have a number of beneficial effects, such as reducing hangover symptoms. However, it should be noted that this ingredient may also interact with certain drugs. You should consult a doctor before taking it.

Perilla leaf extract

Perilla leaf extract is one of the eight exotic ingredients listed on the Exipure Ingredients Label. It has clinically proven properties to raise brown fat levels, which help your body burn fat. Perilla leaf extract is also rich in carotenoids, essential oils, and triterpenes. It also promotes healthy cholesterol levels and brain health.


Amberine is an herbal ingredient found in Exipure, and it has several health benefits. It helps with digestion, brain health, and cardiovascular health. It is also a free radical scavenger and has antimicrobial properties. This herb is commonly found in Asia, and it is considered one of the 50 essential herbs of Asian medicine. It has also been shown to aid in weight loss.


Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that can help you lose fat. The antioxidant works by shrinking fat cells. It also helps your body break down fats and transform them into brown adipose tissue, which is better for your body. It can also help improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It can also help your body eliminate toxins. Resveratrol is one of the main ingredients in Exipure.


Berberine is a natural compound found in traditional Chinese medicine. It has numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and blood pressure. It also helps support heart health and regulate blood sugar levels. Berberine also helps reduce hunger and may help with weight loss.

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